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Concept 2 Dyno Trainer

Concept 2 Dyno Trainer

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DYNO Facts:

  • Rowing specific strength training - Leg press geometry is designed to match rowing position, bench pull "oar handles" are adjustable to proper finish height.
  • The Dyno Performs Core Cross Training Exercises...Bench Press, Leg Press, Row and Secondary Abdominal Training.
  • Smart Force Monitor - Instant, accurate feedback helps you monitor your progress.
  • Dynamic Loading - The more force you apply, the more weight you "lift".
  • Serious Lifting, No Weights - Up to 1000 lbs. can be "lifted" on the DYNO.
  • Wide Load Range - Eight damper levers control airflow to the fan.

Advantages of Dynamic Strength Training:

  • Athletes of different strengths can work out together, alternating lifts, without having to change plates
  • Do several different lifts circuit-style with minimal set-up changes.
  • No risk of weights or bars injuring you if you can't complete a lift at a heavy weight.

What does the DYNO do?

  • Leg Press
  • Seated Bench Press
  • Seated Bench Pull/Row
  • Targets body's large muscle groups
  • Will give you a more powerful foundation for any sport or activity

Force Monitor shows:

  • The force of each repetition.
  • The number of reps you have done.
  • An average force for your set.
  • The force reading of your best rep.
  • The number of sets you have done.
  • Knows when you begin lifting and automatically begins monitoring your work.
  • Has an automatic calibration function to ensure accuracy.
  • Times each rep and rest between sets.
  • Has a display option that can show you your output in terms of power, work, or velocity of your lift.
  • Displays force in pounds or kilograms.
  • Stores the result information for up to 20 sets.
Space Requirements:
  • DYNO is 7'11" long by 32" maximum width at handle
  • Space of 9' x 5' is required for use
  • Weight: 120 lbs





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